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10 Essential Fitness iPhone Apps

10 Essential Fitness iPhone Apps

Say good-bye to estimating the impact of your fitness activities and all those complex calorie-counting equations. Whether you are cycling, running, swimming, or exercising with a friend or group, these iPhone fitness apps let you track calories consumed and create custom exercise plans for you. So here are top 10 fitness apps on the iOS platform.6

Pack Promise Plus – Carve out six-pack abs with various levels of intense training exercises, combined with easy instructional videos. This app allows you to shuffle the workouts to keep things in order, and you can also import your own music library for your exercise regime.GAIN Fitness – This app works like the total workout buddy and helps you train using its customized exercise routine. The app also boasts other excellent options, alerts you to exercise and customizes the workout regime to do while at home, on the move or at gym.Pumping Weight – It makes tracking workouts a simple task with its user-friendly and smooth interface.

Check your workout schedule in calendar mode and record personal reps or sets with its intuitive tracking system.Teemo – This app makes fitness into a fun game, which doesn’t require the gym, exercise equipment and even running shoes. Invite your Facebook buddies to a virtual challenge in various environments like mountain, jungle or desert. Teemo makes workout a social event and helps people incorporate exercise into their lives.Weight Watchers Mobile – This app is a great app for people who are on the move, but still want to watch their diet.

With this app, you can enjoy the featured recipes, success stories, shopping lists, and weight loss suggestions. You can also track weight-loss progress, weight-loss history, and take help of Cheat Sheets to choose a diet program for you.FitnessBuilder – With more than 5,000 exercises, and live personal trainer, this app is a complete fitness expert. FitnessBuilder creates customized workout routine first by tracking users’ strength, cardiovascular fitness, weight, as well asother body stats including BMI or BMR. Users can also share workouts and progress stats to their favorite social media platforms.

If you’re looking to build solid muscle, check out this amazing app, which will help you with 450 different lifts as well as stretches.Lose It – Apart from exercise and dieting, one of the worst things about losing weight is monitoring the amount of caloriesconsumed or burned by you each day. Lose It is there to help you! It brings all necessary information at your fingertips.Nike Training Club – Select your fitness level or goal, and this app will help you to choose from over 100 workouts to keep you on track of your fitness goals without the expensive personal training sessions.

Everest – This smart iPhone app helps you set goals and achieve those goals.

Whether you like to shed extra pounds, go for an adventure trip, learn new languages, or save more money, the step-by-step guides and motivation from others.

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