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5 Shortcuts to Increase Your Running Speed

5 Shortcuts to Increase Your Running Speed

In today’s fast moving world, taking the time to exercise and maintain a healthy body is slowly gaining importance compared to

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the idea some years ago. Running has always been counted amongst the easiest and most beneficial exercises. If you have been running for a while now and would like to increase your running speed, then you need to improve your fast-twitch muscle fibers.You can adopt the following shortcuts, but you will still have to devote yourself to this noble goal.

Here are 5 shortcuts to increase your running speed that you may want to consider.First of all, you should know that how fast you can run is not determined by the amount of strength and stamina you have. It is determined by how fast your muscles can react. If you have access to a treadmill, you can start working on it right away. Jog for a few minutes, and then run at your maximum speed for a predetermined distance, say about a mile, and be sure to time it.

Repeat the procedure once or twice depending on your stamina. After this, you can proceed to speed training.Start with a light jog and then, for the next 60-90 seconds, run at a speed which is roughly 60% of your maximum. Try doing it for about 5-6 rounds and slowly increase the number of rounds in the days to come.Ifyou want to increase your running speed as soon as possible, then after 2-3 weeks of the speed training as described in the previous step, try running through the water across the width of the shallow end of a swimming pool. Try doing 7-10 rounds for a minimum of two weeks.

Then jog for a while and repeat the same procedure. Only this time, try to increase that count. Taking light and quick steps will prove to be beneficial.To increase running speed, make sure that you include hill training in your workout. Run hard up a steep slope for about 100 meters. Do not stop there to catch a breath or relax. Immediately turn around and jog down the hill; this helps in recovering your muscles. Once at the bottom, again turn around and run to the top of the slope as fast as possible. Repeat this task for a minimum of 3 times in a week.You should strengthen your calve muscles and abs if you want to increase your running speed.

Running in deep sand or on the beach is an excellent way to accomplish this task.The Results will ShowInvest a little time and patience into your workout. The above shortcuts are fine, but remember – nothing beats hard work and dedicated training; if you commit to these steps, though, it will constitute hard work anddedicated training. So don’t stop now. Begin training, and soon you will be zooming past anyone on the jogging track, bike trail, and/or street.

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