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7 Fitness Tests  

7 Fitness Tests  

Losing weight is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions, and yet as January fades away into February, those lofty weight loss goals are forgotten. One of the main reasons for this is due to how their goal was structured. Many people watch the rise and fall of the scale to determine their health and fitness. This is a fallacy. While weight is a determining factor for health, it is mostly a symptom of lifestyle choices.

An active lifestyle and proper nutrition will shed pounds but it will also offer up many other health benefits.Focusing on bettering your individual fitness components will give you goals to work towards that will improve your overall health. Increased endurance, stamina, and flexibility all provide our bodies with many benefits, including increased energy and focus. This is why striving for physical fitness is so important.How do we measure our physical growth if not through a scale? We perform and compare the results of physical fitness tests over time.

Performing these tests is important to provide ourselves evidence that the work we’ve been doing has been fruitful.

Fitness Area 1: Strength

Strength is how much force your muscles can exert against resistance. Strength is important to have to increase your muscles and bone density. There are several tests that can test your strength, such as counting how many pushups you can do in a minute.

Fitness Area 2: Agility

Agility is your ability to change direction quickly with power and precision. To test your agility, take the Illinois Agility Run Test.

While the website states that you will need an assistant to complete the test, we believe that you are capable of timing yourself accurately alone.

Fitness Area 3: Flexibility

Flexibility is the ability to use your full range of motion without resistance or interference from your body. You can test your flexibility with a sit and reach test at home and improve it with regular stretching and/or yoga.

Fitness Area 4: Cardiovascular Endurance

Cardiovascular endurance is your heart’s capability to pump blood to working muscles and the muscles efficiency in using it.

This can be tested easily by timing a one or two mile run.

Fitness Area 5: Muscular Endurance

Related to strength, muscular endurance is a muscle’s aptitude in performing over a duration of time. One way to test this is counting how many sit-ups you can do in one minute.

Fitness Area 6: Balance

Balance is a skill that controls the body’s stationary or moving position. This ability is necessary for all ages to help prevent injury and falls.

Test this skill with a Stork Balance Stand Test.

Fitness Area 7: Power

Power is how your muscles exert maximum force spontaneously. Power moves work to combine several skill components at once and burn the most calories.

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