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A Closer Look At Massage Therapy And Its Side Effects

A Closer Look At Massage Therapy And Its Side Effects

Massage is a century-old technique that is currently used all around the world to heal a variety of conditions and diseases, as well as to alleviate the pain caused by certain disorders or bad posture, and to help people relax and distress.

Nonetheless, the massage session must be performed only by a professional masseuse – if it is performed by somebody without any knowledge whatsoever, then that person can cause unprecedented damage that may be irreversible. Incorrect massaging techniques can lead to severe damage of the skin or of the tissue that lies underneath it, and here you will find a least of the most common unwanted effects.

1.The Skin May Be Affected

Different people have different skin types, and that is a known fact – if the massage technique or the massage lotions are not suitable for your skin type, then the friction and the ingredients in the lotion can affect it and enlarge the blood vessels underneath the skin. This enlargement is very unaesthetic and bothersome, and it is only one of the side effects of massage when it is not done properly.

  1. Excessive Sweating

The lotion or oil that is used when massaging can also impact the sebum levels and stimulate the oil glands to produce too much sweating.

This is another reason why the patient’s skin type must be taken into account prior to starting the massage session.

  1. It Can Worsen Certain Conditions

If you have burns, blisters, warts or you suffer from ringworm, then it is highly recommended to avoid massages, as the incorrect massaging strategy. Theoretically, the masseuse should ask you about your medical history prior to starting the massage, but this does not always happen – this is why you must be fully aware of the potential adverse reactions of massage, as it is better to prevent than to treat.

The oils can have an impact on your warts and burns, causing them to heal slower than they normally would (partly because of the friction).

  1. Damage Of The Nervous System

This is by far one of the most serious side effects of massage when performed by somebody who is not a professional. Nerve entrapment is not always dangerous, but in some cases it can be life-threatening as it can cause strokes.5. Muscle PainLast, but not least, muscle pain can be another adverse reaction of massage if the massaging technique is too aggressive.

This pain can affect your body flexibility for a few days and this can be a disadvantage, as a damaged musculoskeletal can result in muscle cramps and ligament sprains in the future, not to mention that the risk of fractures is also considerably increased.


In conclusion, these are some of the aspects you need to know if you want to fully enjoy your massage session, without experiencing any unpleasant situations. If you want to become a professional masseuse, then you should know that there are numerous massage courses in Sydneywhere you can choose from.

You can opt for relaxation massage, medical massage, sports massage and so on – the choice is entirely

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