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An Unplanned Pregnancy Raises Questions

An Unplanned Pregnancy Raises Questions

What factors might contribute to your decision? First of all, consider your personal beliefs, and values, yo

ur present status and needs, and your plans for the future. A pregnancy, whether planned, or unplanned, has a great deal of influence on the rest of your life, as well as the life of your unborn child. Your decision will be greatly


affected by what your current situation dictates. What do you want at this point in your life? What are your current capabilities?

If you are involved in a committed relationship, you should discuss the pregnancy with your partner.

In this type of relationship, the news of a pregnancy, even an unplanned one, can be cause for great joy.However, while the choice of what to do is ultimately yours, it is necessary to find out how your partner feels about the pregnancy. Just as you assessed your own situation, you must consider your partner’s feelings, desires, and goals when making your choice. The decision will greatly impact both of your lives, as the responsibilities of having, and raising a child are shared responsibilities. If you were not involved in a committed relationship when the pregnancy occurred, and you are trying to decide what to do about the pregnancy. They will have all the necessary information you need about pregnancy, and if you request it, abortion.

Online support and information resources are available with a simple Internet search. The results will provide you with a large number of websites you can visit. It may also be a good idea to speak with a trained counselor. An unplanned pregnancy can produce many different feelings in a woman, including guilt and fear. If you have these feelings, you need to talk with someone knowledgeable, and non-judgmental, whether or not you decide to go through with the pregnancy. If

you choose to raise the child, you will need to deal with your feelings regarding your pregnancy, and begin to prepare for motherhood. Should you decide to have the child, and then place the child up for adoption, you need to discuss the feelings of loss that may arise. If it is your intention to terminate the pregnancy, you will need to talk about this decision and how you really feel about it. Many people consider abortion to be unacceptable, but if it is what you really want, you may find it difficult to feel that you have done the right thing.

Counseling is critical.If you have strong religious beliefs, you will want to consider the teachings of your religion regarding pregnancy. Many religions oppose abortion, but not all women feel compelled to follow the teachings of their religion on what to do about an unplanned pregnancy. It may also be advisable to talk to a priest, or pastor; especially if you are struggling with the decision to raise the child, or place the child up for adoption.

Be sure to take advantage of all support services offered in your community, or online. Don’t be afraid to share your feelings about the unplanned pregnancy, and about making your decisions, with someone you trust. It is important to make an informed, and intelligent decision regarding what you feel is best for you, not what you think may be expected of you.

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