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Health Insurance Reviews – Fresh Look, Inspection and Reassessment Health Insurance Reviews

Health Insurance Reviews – Fresh Look, Inspection and Reassessment Health Insurance Reviews

In the United States, there are multiple types of health insurance. Savings Accounts or HSAS The insurance companies in their analysis of ways to lower premiums have initiated group plans that would lower cost because of the scale or quantity of people they expect to attract to these plans. Traditional Health Insurance Traditional health insurance is what most people were used to.

It is the “traditional” plan where you pay a deductible or co-pay for the visit to your doctors office. Once you paid the deductible, the insurance company pays the difference to the doctor or for any other health care or service . Preferred Provider Organizations or PPOSInsurance companies build a list or network of health care providers called “Preferred Providers”. These providers agree to a cap of all medical services thereby saving the insurance company money.

The medical practitioners make up for this by increased numbers of patients. People are encouraged to join this net work and choose one of the “Preferred Providers”.Once you are member of this network, you use medical practitioners in the network at a discount. If you use medical practitioners outside of this network, your rates are much higher. Point-of-service Plans or POSPOS plans are similar to PPOs.

The main distinction is that you must choose a primary care physician. It is your primary care physician who acts like a quarterback. Every medical care that you need must be recommended by your primary care physician. If you have to see a specialist, you must first see your primary care doctor who must refer you to the specialist. Also the specialist must be within the network. If you have to go outside of the network, then your coverage will be limited.

Health Management Organizations or HMOS HMOs are also similar to PPOs and POS with some distinct exceptions. All of your physicians must reside within the network. You will not be covered for any service outside of the network. You also have to have a primary physician who must also refer you for any further service or to a specialist. Your premiums are usually cheaper because of the added restrictions. HSAS is a health insurance savings account.

You can deposit money into an account designed to pay your medical insurance. This money is tax deductible and can be used to buy low cost insurance. Health Insurance Reviews of Plans Yet in any health insurance reviews of all of these plans, it is clear that the healthcare system is broken, costly and inefficient.It needs to be fixed. In spite of all the plans above, health insurance was still unaffordable to individuals who did not have employer coverage. Even the Government Got Involved in Trying to Tackle and Fix this Vexing Problem.

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